LK Enternational CEO Youngeun Lee

'stylePARK'  aims 

to provide various lifestyle-related content 

ranging from fashion, beauty, food, and living,

not only to domestic but also to foreign 

customers in the global market with experts 

who are in the center of the K-style 

including stylists, makeup artists, designers, 

and chief editors of magazines

and is planning projects based on 

content-based commerce.


서울시 강남구 테헤란로 142 아크플레이스 3층

3F, 142 Teheran-ro. Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Korea 06236 ㅣ  Biz License 112-81-53906  ㅣ



3F, 142 Teheran-ro. Gangnam-gu,Seoul, Korea 06236
Biz License 112-81-53906

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